Pass the honey, Sugar.

January 26, 2010

My Grandma loves to play with this little saying.  More often she’ll ask for the sugar, saying, “Pass the sugar, Honey.” Then, unable to help herself, adds, “Pass the honey, Sugar.”

I prefer honey, hence the moniker.  It’s cutesy enough for the sweet part of me, playful enough for this blog endeavor, and well, just plain adorable.

But it’s not just about the sweetness of honey.  It fulfills, it is a treat for any time of day.  Breakfast?  Of course! Every morning, I have a little bowl of plain goat’s milk yogurt, doused in honey and topped with nuts.  (Almond are in supply at the moment, but they might be too tough for a morning chew.)  In an effort to become more l and eat more responsibly, I have turned to goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk, and to honey instead of refined sugar. Speaking of these mornings, I have found taking the time for a fifteen minute coffee and yogurt in silence has been a beautiful way to start my day.  Steam still rising from the coffee maker, dishes hopefully cleaned from last night’s dinner, the sun rising or cloudy bouncing off the bricks my kitchen window faces.  New York City has not gone to bed, but I am hardly awake from a night’s sleep.  My roommates are not here or are masochistically snoozing their alarms for a few hours while I am sitting at the two-feet-square table, enjoying silence before the rush of the day.  What I am not doing is lining up at Starbucks for my daily brew, yogurt drink in left hand, fumbling with gym bag and NYT in my right.  Who knew how much better this could be?

Now, I can choose my brews, which is exciting for this coffee-lover.  Though the convenience of that Mermaid-adorned chain only 50 feet from my building was seemingly unbeatable, having a fresh cup of Stumptown‘s Ethiopia Yirgacheffe as I gather myself for the day is supreme.  Stumptown’s New York outpost is in the Ace Hotel on 29th and Broadway, only a short walk from my apartment.  The dapper baristas are very nice and more dressed up than most of the patrons.  The lobby of the hotel is worth checking out.  It makes me want to be a guest there!

After learning of a new coffee shop down in TriBeCa, I ventured down for this week’s pound o’ ground at RBC NYC on Church and Worth.  The jury is still out on this brew of Dallis Coffee.

But back to honey, last night I made this Walnut Honey Cake from Martha Stewart’s website.  It was light and delicious, had no butter in it; in fact, the only fat inside was from the eggs!  It satisfied that special part of my stomach that stays empty for dessert after a hearty winter meal of mac ‘n’ cheese and did not leave me with any twinge of guilt.  With a scoop of Laloo’s Vanilla Snowflake rapidly melting into the warm cake, I ended my weekend feeling content.