Stars in my eyes!

February 7, 2010

Three Michelin stars that is…

Yesterday I spent the day in the kitchen of Daniel.  I was shadowing for an internship position for at least the next three months, and let me say, I feel frightened of the intensity that is soon to come in my life.  The kitchen moves as frenetically as a spin class at the gym but with the finesse of the Paris Ballet.  The plates were incredibly gorgeous, composed with skill and extreme care.

I came away from the experience in awe at how precisely the food was made but scared at my lack of experience.  I really owe one lucky break at my birthday meal to this amazing opportunity.  I will see what happens!  As of now, I am hopefully committed to one day a week after school and every Saturday.  After I finish school at the end of March, I’ll see how the schedule develops.

I didn’t try any of the composed plates, but I did get some scraps of the chicken.  It was the MOST amazing chicken I have ever tried in my entire life.  It was cooked sous-vide in a circulator, with black truffles between the breast and skin.  Then the guy on saucier seared and finished the breast with a truffle sauce.  I got to try scraps and it made me reconsider the not so positive thoughts I’ve had about chicken for my entire life.  Really exquisite!